TOP, worktops.

Available in different styles and materials, tested to withstand.


The one-color unicolor laminate is a hpl laminated homogeneously throughout its thickness. It is a hygienic material and can be cleaned using common home-based detergents.

Quartz agglomerate.

Quartz floors are one of the most popular surfaces in the kitchen. It is a versatile material, resistant to abrasion and chemical attack, is not porous, waterproof, resistant to stains, acids and solvents, is easy to clean and is highly hygienic.

Porcelain stoneware.

The Gres plans come from a new concept of surface, with a universal value and versatility that can give new value to the design world.

Solid surface.

It is an advanced composite material made up of aluminum trihydrate and resin enriched with colored pigments. A high performance functional and aesthetic material, used to create flat surfaces and high visual impact curves.